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East Coast Book Of Knowledge 2010 (Bloods Gang)

East Coast Book Of Knowledge 2010 (Bloods Gang)


By early 1993 the New York State Chapter of the Latin Kings and the Netas were the 2 largest and most violent Latino Hispanic organizations on the streets and prisons of New York City and were inflicting violence on blacks along with other Latino Hispanic organizations like DDP ( Dominicans Don't Play ) Trinitarios ( 3ni ) , La Familia , and many others. The Latino Hispanic organizations controlled the New York State prison systems and targeted the indepedent Black gangs with daily acts of Racist and Predjudice violence.

At this time the existing independent Black organizations in Rikers Island were fighting amongst themselves over street and Bourogh beefs that they carried over into the jails and weren't recieving help from the fledgling NYG or NYC alliances.
The independent black gangs desperately needed a way to unite, which would be the only way they could protect themselves. In October of 1993 O.G. Mack (who was already a high ranking member of the One Eight Trey Gangsters who's original turf is from 183rd street & Andrews avenue all the way to Webster avenue in The Bronx, NY) saw the void of unity with the independent black organizations in Rikers Island and finally saw a great opportunity to bring into action and spread Moorish Science. He called for a meeting of several black gang leaders and approached them with the idea of uniting their gangs together by expanding and help end the violence From the Latin Hispanic organizations were inflicting upon them.

Some of the existing independent Black organizations in Rikers Island were tired of fighting amongst themselves and saw this as a great opportunity to reunite and finally stop the abuse from the Latino Hispanic organizations in the NY prison system.
These small independent black gangs took O.G. Macks advice and alligned together To shake off the past conflicts they decided to birth a new begining as the United Blood Nation (UBN No affiliation to the Real westcoast group ) and they also decided to mix ( Moorish Science out of Chicago ) into their teaching to get their fellow brothers on a spiritual path. Within a few days, more and more black organizations in Rikers Island were being sanctioned into the UBN. One person very instrumental in helping the UBN rapidly grow was O.G. Mack's right hand man named O.G. Deadeye (Leonard Mackenzie). O.G. Deadeye got his nickname for his cloudy right eye that looked dead. Deadeye, formerly of Howard Avenue in Brooklyn, was born to a 14-year-old mother. Deadeye's rap sheet showed 11 arrests between 1985 and 1993, including three robberies, two assaults, a gun charge and a murder. O.G. Deadeye was the leader of his own gang that was based in Brooklyn and upon meeting O.G. Mack he flipped his entire gang into the GKB (Gangster Killer Bloods) a.k.a. G Shine UBN set which helped fuel the growth of the UBN in prison. Another organization that joined the UBN was the Valentine Gangsters which was created from the entire ( Chapter 4 of the Universal Zulu Nation ) flipping to the UBN under the decision of it's highest ranking leader named Valentine and their headquarters are the Bronx River Projects. Another set was Sex Money Murder a former drug crew , which was lead by the Real Pistol Pete (Peter Rollack) from Soundview Projects in the East BronxTurned to UBN in prison . The UBN quickly became a strong force in the prison systems on the east and the Latin Kings, Netas, DDP's Trinitarios, La Familia, and the rest of the Latino Hispanic organizations no longer severely out-numbered them. The unfair abuse stopped but a fair war began which lead to many years of bloodshed between Latin Hispanic organizations and the UBN sets in New Yorks prison system.
By the year 2001, 8 years after the UBN was first introduced in Rikers Island, the UBN was a major force in prison systems and cities all across the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. The sets that originated under the UBN soon spread beyond the east throughout the streets of the whole south, streets in parts of the midwest, and even in west coast streets in states like Oregon and Washington. The reason for this rapid expansion is because they quickly spread through the prison systems and streets so when members started being released from jail they went back to their own separate neighborhoods, started recruiting, and either formed their own sub-clicks of each set called "Line-Ups" or "Lines" or just started a completely new UBN gang. Even though the UBN has gangs and lines in multiple cities spread throughout much of the United states, each member of these gangs and/or lines still show great loyalty to the East Coast and New York City as the motherland of the UBN no matter where they are. They all call themselves East Side Riders and throw up the East Side hand sign to show their devotion and loyalty to New York City as the motherland of the UBN. Also, many members of these gangs have broken away and branched out to form and estabish their own UBN gangs. All UBN gang members greet each other by doing a Universal UBN Handshake called the "Lock and Load" and then throwing up their particular gang/set/line/hood handsign afterwards. While they are doing this handshake, they are known (to shout "Peace Blood". The UBN is known to have a secret UBN Book Of Knowledge that contains pages of information such as codes, oaths, pledges, customs, and custom Moorish prayers) that each of the gangs under the UBN must learn and live by. Contrary to popular belief, the UBN (East Coast Bloods) and the West Coast Bloods are Not the same, they are two completely different organizations.
They have, however, commercially united in 2004 when rappers The Game (a west coast blood) and Jim Jones (a member of the UBN eastcoast ) released the "Certified Gangsters" video filmed in Los Angeles, which shows West Coast Bloods and the UBN (East Coast Bloods) comming together as Bloods. That video was the landmark moment where the lines began to be blurred between west coast Bloods and the UBN in mainstream culture, but they still remain 2 seperate organizations in the streets.

The Red Flame Manifesto
(from the Almighty Flame Alliance)

UBN Book Of Knowledge a.k.a. The Red Flame Manifesto (The real one, not the fake one found on other sites ) This is not to be spoken with anyone outside of the U.B.N 

The Almighty Oath: 

The Red Flame in the eyes of my sisters and brothers shall shine brighter than any other! With this oath I promise to uphold The ( Red Flame Manifesto and The Circle Seven Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America that was devinely prepared by the noble prophet Drew Ali ) . 

Almighty to the Bone, Blood to the Soul! For our brothers we will forever ride, from the East Side all the way to the West side! My Blood and My Soul combined to create the Almighty Devine unified state of mind! Roll them low and roll them high, but never forget that the Almighty Flame is known world wide! Peace Almighty! I'm so high, you're so high, we will be Almighty until the day our physical dies and still be Almighty as our spiritual flies! Peace Almighty! Your enemy is my enemy! Peace Almighty! We are the shining star, the guiding light, Peace Almighty! 

The 5: 
The Red Flames illuminating our brothers and sisters are shined from the star of the Almighty 5 points of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. This star is brighter than all others. A star so strong and divine that it has united us to create a union like no other. A unity that is destined for supreme victory over all of our adversaries. A power so strong that it sends shock waves throughout the world. It holds that we are all united under the 5 points of a star that shines with the brightness of the sun. The Fire of the Five will burn and destroy Hatred, Falsehood, Wars, Maya and inharmonies in life. The 5 is me, the 5 is you, the 5 is True! The 5 is the eternal red flame in the sky that will always stay alive! 5 poppin! Peace Almighty! 5 alive! Peace Almighty! Nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone all a enemy will see is a funeral home. Peace Almighty! I live by the 5 and die with pride! Peace Almighty! Up that 5 from One Almighty Body formed from the Unity of Love straight like this! Peace Almighty!

All of my brothers and sisters under this Glorious Flame shall hold dearly the Devine colors of the Almighty flag of this alliance. 

The red is for the original Bloods, the ABB, the Blood shed by our brothers and sisters in the struggle, and the blood that unites all people of African ancestry . 

The Black is for the color of the dark and vicious struggle of our brothers and sisters who have been oppressed in this wicked land, and for the universal U and I VERSES all who oppose this glorious aliance! 

The Green is for the land we walk on, the natural green we inhale to keep our minds at Peace, and the money we make and take together. 

The 30 Rules: 
1. In our organization we will have no snitches. 
2. In our organization we will have no rapists. 
3. In our organization we will respect every Blood individually. 
4. In our organization we will respect every commanding officer. 
5. In our organization we will never argue in front of outsiders. 
6. In our organization we must always let our Blood affiliation be known.
7. In our organization we must show others respect to recieve respect. 
8. In our organization we will not disrespect any other organizations who are not enemies. 
9. In our organization we will never discuss our issues with outsiders. 
10. In our organization we will never deny another Blood a plate of food or a drink. 
11. In our organization we will never take another Bloods kindness for weakness. 
12. In our organization we will attend all Nation meetings unless we are having a family visit or attending a funeral. 
13. In our organization we will always keep an up and alert mind while going to court or any area around us. 
14. In our organization we will never start a conflict unless it's important. Everything we do reflects on each and every Blood. Always put your supreme mind to it. 
15. In our organization we will never play with the hands with any Blood to prevent misunderstandings. 
16. In our organization there will be no one accepted in our organization just for protection or just to make money. 
17. In our organization The United Blood Nation must come before religion. 18. In our organization we will provide new Blood inmates with clean clothes, food, soap, shampoo, powder, deodorant, money, protection, and phone time.
19. In our organization we will always show a state of obedience so others outside of our cipher can judge us by what we are and what our organization can accomplish. 
20. In our organization we will salute each Blood with the Lock and Load shake each and every day with authority! 
21. In our organization we will never steal from another Blood.
22. In our organization we must be branded with 3 dots on the right arm. The 3 dots must form a triangle which represent a D.O.G.S. paw. The 3 dots also represent the "tripple 0" (000) which is the code for Blood. 
23. In our organization we must respect October 31st 1993 as the date of the re-birth of the UBN and celebrate each 0-31 with pride!
24. In our organization we will never attack neutrals. 
25. In our organization we will not tolerate any racism. 
26. In our organization we will always use intellegence over emotion.
27. Each set under the UBN shall have it's own Book which will be updated and handed out to all members as soon as an update takes place.
28. In our organization we will honor O.G. Mack as the God Father of the re-born United Blood Nation.
29. In our organization we will breed with Bloodettes to create Blood Drops.
30. In our organization we will always put in work and recruit. 

The 5 alternate meanings of the 5 Point Star: 

The number 5 has many occurances in our nation since its birth in the East. So much so, that we have introduced the 5 alternate meanings of the 5 point star into our nation to represent how the number 5 has affected each one of our lives representing the United Blood Nation. 

(1) The 5 original UBN gangs: 

Gangster Killer Blood Nine Trey Gangster One Eight Trey Gangster Sex Money Murder Valentine Gangster 

(2) The 5 Boroughs of New York City: 
The motherland of the re-born ABB which is the UBN and paved the way for new Bloods. New York City shall be honored as the capital of the UBN. East Side! 

(3) The letter "E": For East Side (5th letter of the alphabets). Represents the East Coast Region of New York City. All Blood chapters under UBN shall honor the East Side as their headquaters and NYC as the motherland. 

(4) B.L.O.O.D: Each one of us as East Side Bloods are 5, as the number 5 represents the 5 letters in the word Blood which herefore represents us. All Blood chapters in the UBN shall honor the East Side 5 and honor the 5 original UBN sets for paving the way for this rebrith. 

(5)The North Star: Represents the Northern location of New York City. 

Real 000 vs. Fake 000: 

1.A Real 000 realizes money comes and goes, he'd hand it out, investing his money. A Fake 000 would hold on to it, treasure it like there was no tomorrow.
2. In jail, Fake 000 doesn't hold the same image he tried to out in the streets. A Real 000 adapts to any bad environment. Always being yourself.
3. A Fake 000 treasures things like gold chains, fame, cars, and females. A Real 000 values loyalty, principles, and Blood Love. 
4. A fake 000 would do any crime for attention. A Real 000 would never commit petty crimes. His time is too valuable.
5. A Fake 000 would display his gun to his peers. A Real 000 would keep his arms out of the spotlight. 

The 14 Concepts of War:

1. Always Listen before you talk, look before you walk and observe before you stalk.
2. In war you must follow the commands of the higher ranks who are designated as such because they are more if not better informed than you. 
3. Never make important decisions while angry because an intemperate nature can run you into a brick wall. 
4. What is pain to a warrior but a privelege, pain and handling pain are measure of a warrior for to feel pain means you are still alive and to know victory is to know defeat. 
5. The injuries that you inflict upon the enemy should be considered such an act of terrorism that the damage inflicted causes the enemy to never consider revenge. 
6. Never allow the enemy to live in your midst because one day he may rise up to repay you for your mistake. 
7. One must be a fox to recognize a trap and a lion to fight and intimidate the enemy. 
8. The best defense is often times a good offense. 
9. There is no greater sin in war than ignorance. 
10. War has no room for diplomacy, war is outright Vicious. 
11. Beware those around you who shout out the most, yet find time to talk during conflict, these individuals will reason with the enemy. 
12. In war; strive for rendering the enemy Harmless, disrupting the enemys alliances and attacking before you are attacked. 
13. Silence and observation are major weapons in defense. 
14. During War or peace never allow you priorities to be misguided. 

1. What side do you protect, your left or your right side? 
Your left because Blood run through your heart.

2. What side do you place your flag? 
Your right because you must keep your Bloods right by your side and never left behind.

3. Do you like crabs? 
No But I'll eat it! 

4. Whats your Favorate Basketball team? 
Chicago Bulls. 

5. Do you see life like I see life? 
No! Why see life when you could B. Life! 

6. What's Poppin'? 
5 Poppin' 6 Droppin', 6 Killer until my casket drops. 5 alive 6 must die, rest in peace to my O.G. Tye. 

Blood Oath: 
If I should Ever Break My Stride, Should I faulter on my comrades side, This oath shall kill me. If ever should I come to greed and abuse the UBN trust, Death is a must so this oath shall kill me. If my word should ever be spoken untrue, Should I betray the chosen few, This oath shall Kill me. If I ever lack in discipline in the time to strike, Should I refuse when its time to fight, This oath shall kill me. Should I be slow to take a stand, Or should I show fear to any man, This Oath shall kill me. I Live Blood, I Breathe Blood, I Die Blood. Blood In, Blood Out. Blood rules! 

The Pledge Of Devotion: 
Devotion is my leader until my death, Until the day I take my last breathe. My tripple O's are my leaders, and my followers too. Bloods have to stick together until our judgement is due. I'm a tripple O so it's nothing but glory, I'm a street soldier so I have no worry. I will kill for my nation and die for this too, My United Blood Nation this is my pledge to you. 

The Pledge Of Allegiance: 
I pledge alligence to the red flag of the United Blood Nation. I pledge my Heart and soul to the red Flag of my Brothers and sisters in the UBN. I pledge to represent the red flag until the death of me. No one or nothing will ever be allowed to come before my Almighty United Blood Nation. I will give my life as well as take one for my UBN with this Pledge. I pledge my life to this United Blood Nation. Blooding In - 

Coming Home: 
Inside every person, there is a Blood trying to come out! So recruit at least 10% of the population of your hood. While a person is in the process of being initiated into a UBN set, that person must be regarded as "5 Love" and not be allowed to wear any red until initiation is over. 

Interview Questions: 
1. So you would like to be a Blood? 
2. ( Name ) would you like to be a Blood? 
3. Do you know being a Blood is truly special and respected? 
4. Do you know that the Bloods are a well known organization around the world? 
5. Are you willing to obey and carry out rules and regulations? 
6. Are you willing to respect your Commanding Officer? 
7. Are you willing to respect your fellow Bloods? 
8. Do you know that being a Blood comes before anything or anyone? 
(Except your mother, father, brother, sister, or your kids) 
9. Are you willing to give your life for a Blood? 
10. Did you know that once you're a Blood there's no turning back? 
Blood In - Blood Out.

Step 1. Get Jumped for 31 seconds 
Step 2. Eat an enemies Food. The fear you strike into an enemies heart by walking up on them and leaving a trophy on their face outshines attacking like a coward from a distance. 
Step 3. 3 Burn Dots on your right arm to represent the D.O.G.S. paw and your permamnent membership as a 000 because there is no Blooding Out. To be done with a heated barrel of a gun because you will live by the gun and die by the gun. Can be substituted with cigarette burns only if you are incarcerated. Bloodettes can no longer be sexed in and must now go through the same process as every other Blood. 

UBN Chapter Ranks (Line up): 
010 - 5 Star General - Godfather: 
Highest rank of the set. Tripple O.G. 

High 020 - Double O.G. - First Superior: 
The First Superior's function is to oversee the set. This individual acts as the disciplinary officer.
Low 020 - Second Superior: The Second Superiors function is to assist and advise the First Superior and carry out the First Superior's duties in his absence. 
030 - 4 Star General - Minister of Defense: The Minister of Defenses function is to provide strategies and information to the First Superior for the operations of the set. 
040 - 3 Star General - Minister of Information: The Minister of Informations function is to provide information concerning the set and it's enemies.
050 - 2 Star General - Head of Security: Head of Securitys function is to provide weapons and discipline to all member of the set. 
060 - 1 Star General - Commanding Officer: The Commanding Officers function is to dictate orders as specified by the Ranking Generals to the Captains of each lineup under the set. 
070 - O.G. (Original Gangster) - Captain (Capo): The Captains function is to pass down orders from the Generals amongst the Head Lieutenants and assist and advise the Generals. The captain has the authority to start his own lineup within the set with the permission of a General. 080 - OBG - Head Lieutenant: The Head Lieutenants function is to assist and advise the Captain, pass Captains orders on to the Lieutenants, and to carry out the Captain's duties in his absence. 090 - BG - Lieutenant: The Lieutenants function is to ensure the soldiers carry out orders as issued by the Head Lieutenants. 
000 - Soldier: The soldiers function is to comply with orders from Lieutenants, and to keep putting in work for the set at all times.

The Etiquettes Of Blood: Being Blood is a great feeling to have.

Blood comes in many different ways for different reasons. Blood comes in good ways and bad ways or sometimes both. It comes out the way you want it to be or maybe the way you don't expect it to be. Blood isn't to be with a crew or posse that you would like to get down with, to look good, or impress anyone. Nobody tells you if you are wrong for being a Blood; it has to come from your heart (not by saying through your mouth) when you become a true Blood! You will know. It goes through your body. Happiness and affection you will feel around true G's. It can be expressed with love peace and happiness. All these expressions and emotions come only from one place and it's the heart. Never take being a Blood to the head, always keep it in your heart. The best way for showing your love to a Blood is not to show it to just one Blood but to hundreds and thousands of true Bloods. Blood can also be expressed in weird ways like argument or a state of disappointment. But Blood is always going to come back and represent the true colors in life. It's not because you think it's the right thing to do, it's because of what you have in your heart that makes you a true Blood in the East Coast United Blood Nation. Another weird way of expressing Blood is by the way many Bloods act, the way your G's are willing to give their life for you and die with you. Bloods come in different shapes and sizes. The most important part is being a Blood untill the end of life. That makes it so special to all G's, which you must take that in stride until the end of time which makes you so divine to the end when you die. Every Blood sheds and drips pure blood for all his G's in life. That's why when you say the word Blood it's to be showin' not frontin'. Remember when you're a Blood you're always a Blood and there's no turning back. 

The Foundation: 
Our foundation is symbolic to a tree in many ways. The first way is because we consist of the same colors such as red apples, green Leaves, and black Hides. The second way is that trees are all throughout the world and so is Blood. There are many kinds of trees as well as Bloods. Many trees die and so do many of our Brothers and Sisters, but another one always takes the place of our fallen Bloods. 

B.L.O.O.D.S. = Brotherly Love overiding oppression and destruction of society.
D.O.G.S. = Doing Only Gangster Shit.
B.L.A.T.T. = Blood Love All The Time.
B.U.L.L.S. Body, Unity, Love, Lust, Soul.
UBN Lingo: 5-50 = An outsider.
999 (Tripple 9) = Snitch.
Food = Enemy. If you see food, eat food or be food!
On The Menu = On the hit list. 000 =
Blood Blood Drop = Baby born into the UBN
or a Blood brought home under you.

Bloodettes = Female Bloods. 
031 = The UBN birthday of ( October 31st, 1993) . Broken down further the 0 stands for bloods, 30 stands for 30 rules, 1 is 1 love for all bloods who live life as an East Side Rider and ride under the UBN. 

Billy Bad Ass = Nine Trey Gangster 
Blazing Billy = Sex, Money, Murder 
The Klean Up Krew = G Shine / GKB 
Donald Gee = One Eight Trey Gangster 
Pretty Boys = Valentine Gangster Blood 

1st Ave = Monday 
2nd Ave = Teusday 
3rd Ave = Wednesday 
4th Ave = Thursday 
5th Ave = Friday 
6th Ave = Saturday 
7th Ave = Sunday 

Ace Deuce Trey = Violation 
Roscoe = Police 
Dance Floor = Jail House Visiting Room 
5 Love = Probation 
Stain = A General Star 

U.B.N. or you be out = An invitation for your gang to join the UBN. If you deny the invititation you become an enemy. 
More Less = I Understand Swahili: 
Damu = Blood 
Penda = Love 
Ola ..
Read The 7 UBN Proverbs: 

1 A coward will make love to his demise but greatness will give birth to an omnipotent legacy 
2 In life only the seeker will become the finder but the blindness of the flesh will live in the dominance of it's cowardice 
3 to place ur life before the truth is to cry one with oppression but to place ur truth before ur life is the marrying of honor with ur legacy 
4 Through the eyes of a warrior I will bang for the UBN with pride 
5 with the sword of a warlord I will kill all those who oppose UBN 
6 Until death n beyond, I never change my alliance 
7 United I stay strong, Divided I will fail. Blood in my eyes as I ride for my Nation


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